Pre-Mediation Interview

Once you make contact with us we arrange a Pre-Mediation interview with each of you separately which will be about one hour in length. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to outline your issues and discuss any concerns you may have about the mediation process.

We will talk to you about how you might use mediation and the areas it might cover. We will also discuss the costs involved and the options you have in regard to the payment of fees.

There is no fee for the Pre-Mediation interviews and no obligation to continue.

If at the end of these introductory sessions everyone is in agreement that mediation is appropriate we will then arrange a joint session.

This is when we set the agenda and confirm the option you have chosen for payment.

There are two options for payment: an hourly rate or you can purchase a package.

Option 1 – Hourly Rate

You pay $350.00 per hour for time used, which means that all time spent by Lidy whether it be face-to-face, phone calls or emails will be recorded and added up at the end of the month and charged on a pro rata basis at the rate of $350.00 per hour.

If this option is taken, we ask that an amount of $1500.00 be paid on the signing of the Agreement. A statement of the time used will be issued periodically. Once the funds have been fully used a further payment will be requested prior to any further work being done.

If, at the end of the contract there are funds remaining these will be repaid by way of a Direct Deposit into a nominated account.

If a Section 60I Certificate is requested the cost for this will be $50.00 and will be issued only on payment of any outstanding fees at the time. These are only issued for parenting arrangements.

Option 2 – Package

You can purchase a package for either a Parenting Plan or a Financial Settlement. This option gives you up to 10 hours of Lidy’s time, whether face-to-face, by phone or email.

Each package is $3000. We ask that this be paid in full on the signing of the Agreement to Participate in Mediation.

Generally, we allow 2 – 3 hours for joint mediation sessions. Most agreements take about 10 hours to complete and include a written document outlining your agreement if required.

If another package is purchased after completion of the first, a 10% discount will apply thus making the cost of the second mediation $2700.00. This could be used as a continuation of the first mediation or used to apply to a second mediation process.

Child Inclusive Practice

As Northern Beaches Mediation is defined as a Child Inclusive Practice, it may be helpful to have your child/ren interviewed by Lidy who is also a qualified Child Consultant. These sessions will only be conducted with both parents’ signed consent and with their full understanding of what we may discuss with the children.

These sessions may be conducted with all the children present or with the children individually and will generally be 1 hour in length. The cost for these will be $200.00 invoiced and paid for at the time of the consultation.

Lidy will then address both of you at your next session to inform you of what was discussed, together with any specific wishes made by the child/ren during the session.

As appropriate, this feedback may be given to you together or separately as requested.

If you have any questions regarding any of these costs, please feel free to call the office on (02) 9997-8518.


Choose an Option That Suits Your Needs


Option 1: Hourly Rate Option 2: Package
Cost $350.00 per hour $3000.00 One-Off Payment
Inclusions Face-to-Face sessions Face-to-Face sessions (up to 10 hours)
Emails Emails
Phone Calls Phone Calls
Drafting Documents Drafting Documents
Drafting Agreements Drafting Agreements
Photocopying Photocopying
Sending/Receiving Faxes Sending/Receiving Faxes
Extra Costs Child Consultation – 1 hour session $200.00
Issuing Section 60I Certificate $50.00
Child Consultation – 1 hour session $200.00
Issuing Section 60I Certificate $50.00
Timeframe No timeframe – pay only for what you need Contract valid for 3 months from date of signing and allows up to 10 hours of Lidy’s time.
Additional Information Costs will only be charged for Lidy’s time used, not administrator’s time. At the conclusion of 3 months a further contract can be made if needed, or you can revert to an hourly rate.
Payment $1500.00 to be paid when the Agreement is signed. After these funds have been fully used, a further payment will be requested prior to any more work being done. At the conclusion of the contract, if there are any funds remaining, these will be credited to a nominated account by way of Direct Deposit. One payment of $3000.00 to be made at the time of signing the Agreement. A further package may be purchased, as needed, and will be charged at a discounted rate of $2700.00.