‘Helping people find solutions for themselves, their children and their future’

Northern Beaches Mediation was founded by Lidy Seysener in 1997. The business now offers a variety of services and therapies including Family Law Mediation, Divorce Support and Counselling specializing in Couples and Families.


The Process of Mediation and what it can do for YOU!

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Northern Beaches Mediation was established for two main reasons:

• Many matters are being taken to court which could be more economically dealt with in another way.

• The capacity of the courts to deal with anything other than factual information is very limited. Yet, in order to be resolved, many disputes need firstly, an opportunity to be created for the parties to express the high levels of emotion which they feel. Mediation allows for this.


. . . your Journey with us

On behalf of Northern Beaches Mediation I would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for the time you have taken to explore our various services. I do hope you enjoy this journey and please, if you have any questions, either telephone me personally or send me an email. Regards Lidy.